Another month, another set of awesome designs for our Creative Challengers!

This time around, we’ve got 9 new designs to impress – from creative labels to help wine and food pairings to whimsical illustration for kids’ cushion cover, there are no boundaries to what these talents can do!

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1. “The Poke Guy” logo

By Brands by Sam

2. Kids fun pillow cover design

By Bananodromo

3. “Worrying Switchboard” 3D illustration

By Bruno-AD

4. Da-Gravity website design

By AbdooElhamdaoui

5. “Tony the Troubleshooter” mascot design


6. Pastors / leaders conference postcard design

By MontzDesign

7. “Plat du Jour” wine label design

By Kirill D.

8. “The Hen House” T-shirt design

By AnchorPointDesigns

9. “Mighty Meg’s” character design

By pisca

Congratulations to Rey666 for winning March’s Creative Challengers with their impressive design of maritime tattoo.

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